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Trilight Battery Backup on a Fiber Connection

Your communications services are provided with our state-of-the-art fiber optic network. The network not only allows us to provide the advanced, dependable services our customers want today, but it also prepares us to meet the demands of the future. The fiber network terminated at your home requires electric power to operate. To avoid a disruption of dial tone during a power outage – and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services – we at Trilight offer you battery backup power options.

What Your Backup Battery Can – and Can’t – Do for You
The battery we offer is approximately two pounds and is roughly the size of a brick. A battery can be purchased for $74.99.

Our backup batteries are expected to last at least 8 hours on standby power. If you feel that is not enough time, you may extend your standby power up to 24 hours by purchasing 2 additional 8-hour batteries for $59.99 each.

Our backup battery does not provide power to any other equipment, such as home security systems, medical monitoring devices, routers or other equipment, which will not run on the provided backup battery.

*The battery price of $74.99 includes the control unit and the battery; the installation charge is not included.

Where to Obtain Additional Battery Backup
Trilight would like to ensure that our customers are provided reliable backup batteries that allow you to continue to use your dial tone during a power outage. Trilight offers fiber option subscribers an 8-hour battery backup for $74.99 during installation. If additional batteries are purchased after initial installation of services, the customer will be responsible for applicable battery installation fees. Each battery backup has an 8-hour capacity, with a maximum of 3 batteries totaling 24 hours. By purchasing your battery backup from Trilight you can guarantee that the battery will be compatible with your equipment, and we will provide helpful information about how to self-monitor and self-test the backup battery.

Instructions for Proper Care and Use of Your Battery
Please follow the more detailed instructions included with your battery for proper use, storage and care of your battery to ensure that it will function as needed during a power outage. If you do not store your battery correctly, it may shorten its useful life. Environmental factors such as temperature can shorten your battery’s useful life. We recommend that you store your battery above 32°F and below 100°F. These batteries are rechargeable. They will not last forever and should be replaced every 8-10 years, or when your device starts to make a loud beeping sound. That sound means that the battery is depleted, and must be replaced. See the instructions above for purchase and replacement options. You should also periodically, as described in the instructions included with your battery, inspect your battery to verify both the operation of the
backup battery and its condition.


If you’re tired of getting telemarketing calls, you’ll be glad to hear about regulations to help reduce the number of unwanted phone calls to your home. The FCC established a national Do-Not-Call registry. The registry applies to all telemarketers (with the exception of certain non-profit organizations.) Commercial telemarketers are not allowed to call you if your number is on the registry.

To register call 1-888-382-1222 or online at

To place your number on the Tennessee Do-Not-Call Registry call 1-877-872-7030 or online at

If you have registered your number on the Do-Not-Call registry and you receive a telemarketers call, you can report it with the Tennessee Regulatory Authority Customer Service Division at 1-800-342-8359 Ext 160.

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